Repat Biz School

Although most repats choose to focus their efforts on making a career change in order to facilitate their move, a substantial number look to entrepreneurship as an avenue for their triumphant return. From a bird’s eye view, there are a number of advantages to this …

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On Risk-Taking

risk of repatriation

There’s no doubt that uprooting your family to move back to your home country is a big risk, especially if, like many repats, you are unable to secure a job first. Understanding risk itself, however, can give us some clues about following through with what …

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The 3 Types of Repats

types of repats

Over the years I’ve seen many friends and colleagues make the move to re-settle their families back in their motherland after spending their careers abroad. Among the people in my circles, there tend to be three different strategies for making the transition. They are as …

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