You were young, fresh out of college, and not ready to settle down into a ‘career’. You took a chance and bet it all on adventure by accepting a job abroad that would challenge everything you are. You met that challenge head on, with grit and resilience, and you flew. You built a life, and a career, in a foreign land.

Then one day, maybe ten or twenty years later, you wake up and find that your priorities have changed. Maybe a close family member back home falls ill. Or, like happened for me, parenthood awakens a deep yearning to see your children running barefoot in the grass of the town you grew up in, laughing and playing with their cousins. Whatever the reason, you’ve realized something simultaneously exciting and terrifying:

It’s time to go home.

You’re not 22 years old anymore. You haven’t had to put much effort into writing a resume in a decade (or two… or three). The world back home, especially the working world, has changed.

I should know. I’m in the same boat. After years of sending out resumes to any position I happened upon that sounded interesting, I finally had an epiphany: I can nearly GUARANTEE success by building a community of like-minded people all sharing information towards the same goal. I knew people that had made the leap before me, and I knew others that were preparing. I started the Repatriate.Me in an effort to make sure all that knowledge and experience gets passed down to future ‘repats’ that need it.

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