Repat Biz School pt. 2; a review of Entrepreneur’s Alliance Membership Website

Entrepreneur's Alliance Review

As time has gone by, the case for building an online business as an avenue for repatriation continues to build. Along with this, it seems that membership websites are all the rage these days in the get rich quick Internet world and every day a new one is popping up in Facebook and AdWords advertisements. For the most part I just scroll past, but the other day, for whatever reason, the video ad for Entrepreneur’s Alliance caught my eye.

It’s a familiar pitch: Join up for a trial period, get a super amazing bonus, if you don’t like it just cancel (which is typically easier said than done). Specifically to EA, the trial period is $1 and lasts seven days. I actually like this better than the 14 or 30 day free trials that Fizzle, the other membership website I have tried, offers. With the Fizzle trial there’s a danger of checking it out and forgetting about it until you get your credit card statement. EA’s 7 day trial period lights a fire under your ass to get cracking or cancel. It makes it feel less sneaky, like they’re not just trying to weasel their way into your bank account.

Speaking of Fizzle, I should re-visit it momentarily.

The good and bad of

I ended up canceling my membership after two months. Not because it isn’t a good program or that there aren’t great people involved. Quite the contrary.

No, the reason I quit Fizzle is that it simply wasn’t a good fit for ME.

Fizzle is amazing for people that are moving an offline career into the online world, but need help learning the lingo and navigating the landscape of email autoresponders, web hosting, and the like. To be fair, Fizzle does have some decent materials on choosing your niche and deciding on a business model. They just didn’t work for me, or the answers I came up with through their process were not compelling.

On the other hand, I am quite technically savvy. I’ve set up (and taken down) numerous websites over the years, run newsletters, Facebook groups, etc. While I COULD use help on MASTERING those areas of online marketing, I can set them all up with relative ease. I know the ins and outs of the concepts. Fizzle was just too basic for me.

What caught my eye about Entrepreneur’s Alliance

Since I quit Fizzle, I have not exactly been on the lookout for a new membership website to check out. In fact, I’ve been rather skeptical of the entire model. EA’s pitch and trial period hooked me though, and if I’m being honest, it was mainly the “bonus” course you get with signing up that did the trick. It’s called $6k Success and it outlines a business model for starting your own digital marketing agency.

This got my attention.

Personally, I have a really hard time settling on a ‘niche.’ For YEARS I’ve been struggling with this while learning about running an online business. I have no shortage of interests that I could choose from, but I am, perhaps, MOST interest in the digital tools and techniques of running an online business themselves. This makes digital marketing as a business on its own extremely attractive.

I joined the site for the trial period intending to tear through the introductory course and then cancel before I get charged $30 for my first month.

tl;dr: I’ve done exactly that, but I’m not cancelling.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the content of the $6k Success course, but EA bills itself as being a mastermind group for entrepreneurs of all stripes. The private Facebook group seems to have a good mix of people from different industries, but all with an interest in digital marketing. I think it is safe to say that the EA platform is exactly the intermediate-level group focused on digital marketing that I needed.

Now, I may be over-selling the idea of running a DM agency, because I do think the course would be beneficial for anyone involved in any online business. At some point you may choose to outsource to a Digital Marketing agency, and it would be very helpful to understand the business.

If you aren’t interested at all in running your own Digital marketing agency, but think EA sounds good to you anyway, feel free to hop off right now and check them out via my affiliate link.

The $6k Success “bonus” Course

The name $6k Success is also the goal of the course: to create a $6,000 / month business. In the world of online businesses, and doing deep dives on various models and ways to make money, this is not my first rodeo. That being said, I have to give Dave Rogenmoser due credit.

The $6k Success course presents one of the most detailed and comprehensive outlines for building an online business on a foundation of scalable systems that I’ve ever seen. There are no pie-in-the-sky promises of ‘passive income’ that don’t require work. It is presented honestly, and realistically, but, most importantly, doably (spell check tells me that’s not a word, but I’m keeping it).

The broad strokes of the model basically looks something like this:

-Use LinkedIn to find people running already successful businesses that aren’t doing much in the online space. (a pretty in-depth and non-spammy methodology is proposed for doing this).

-Offer them a free competitor analysis (using SEMRush to point out how their website is doing compared to their competitors).

-Aim to work on retainer for ongoing projects with a focus on SEO, AdWords, and Facebook ads. (While staying away from one-off ‘consulting’ gigs, web development, and managing peoples’ social media accounts on their behalf, although setting up their social media accounts for them is proposed as a possible add-on service later on). Aim for $1500 contracts, half of which will go to the outsourcers that do the actual work.

-Figure out how much money you want to make per month, divide that by 750, and you end up with the number of clients you need to make it work.

These points are just the broad strokes. Each unit of the course gets quite technical. They actually include template emails, scripts, and contracts they use as well and give you permission to turn right around and use them for your own purposes. I’ve been impressed at just how in-depth it has been. It feels almost like you are going through training to work at their company. You get an inside look at the systems and resources you need to do it exactly the way he does it.


All in all, it remains to be seen if I will stay in this group for the long haul (I’m not sure about the private FB group yet. I’ve asked a couple questions and haven’t really had either a good or bad response from the community), but I am VERY impressed with what I have seen so far in the course offerings.

Aside from the $6k Success course, there are other one-off seminars and webinars included when you log in to your account. They are on a variety of topics that seem like they could be valuable to anyone in the online business world. They tend to be focused fairly narrowly on a specific topic like AdWords campaigns you can sell to clients, or Facebook Ad Masterclass. It seems like new content along these lines are added to the materials about once a month.

I’m giving myself two months with the group to test it out and I’ve already set up reminders with Google Calendar and Todoist to prompt me to cancel before my PayPal account gets auto-billed.

You can probably tell that I am pretty psyched about being a member of EA. Because of that, I almost decided to wait to post this review. I expect that there are a lot of people out there that could get value out of this group though, so I wanted to lay all my cards on the table and put it out there for public consideration.

If you do join up, I appreciate it if you use this link, which helps defer the costs of running this website.